🥳 [Completed] Choose Apps to blocks on Schedule

Feature Requested By: Yang Tran
Number of Votes: 18
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Pick which apps to be blocked when I schedule opal to be running. E.g in the morning I’m scheduling to block social media and in the evening I’m scheduling to block slack, Gmail and outlook.

Comment By: Kenneth

I’ve been playing around with scheduled blocking times and perhaps it could be handy to have the option to select which app categories I’d like to block - eg I still want to block social media use 24/7 and have to pause the shield to use the apps, but I don’t want to block news websites (which would be blocked during exam shields)…the more I try to articulate this the more I think I might just need to rethink the apps that I block, but hopefully you can follow my thinking.

Comment By: Kenneth

Just to give you a specific example, since chatting in generalities is always tough! I would like to lock out social media by 11pm, but then I’d also like to be able to lock out my e-reader apps and chrome by 12pm, when I need to be winding down to sleep (notorious late night reader - flashlight, clip light, phone - occasionally manage to accidentally read until the sun comes up…) So having 2 schedules was what I tried, but I can’t customize which schedules work on which apps. Maybe there’s a way around this with the pause function?

Comment By: Alice Oueijan

I am surprised more people don’t want this feature! And very glad to see that it is being planned :slight_smile: Sorry in advance if I am misunderstanding your responses Kenneth! (We may be saying the same thing, I don’t know much about making apps lol)

Right now, I can create many “schedules”, but there is only one “settings:distracting apps” page in the app. So every “schedule” blocks the same apps. But I want to block social media apps while I’m at work(9-5,weekdays), and I want to block work apps while I’m at home(morning,evening,weekends).

To me, the most intuitive way to do this would be for each “schedule” to have its own “settings:distracting apps” page where I can choose the categories and apps to block.