🥳 [Completed] Clarify how Opal is different than iOS's built-in Screen Time + Focus Modes features

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I’ve read a lot about Opal and nearly the whole marketing site, but if the feature set is different than what Apple already provides with Screen Time + Focus Modes, I am not seeing it.

Is there something I am I missing?

Comment By: Amrith Shanbhag

Hey <@Taylor 999 :zap:%%user%%29f9abb0-134f-4d0f-806a-81df5d4f1c81>! Thank you for your feedback! Unlike Apple’s Screen Time + Focus Modes features, Opal helps you be more intentional with your phone use and is also harder to bypass than Screen Time. Most of our gems have tried Apple’s Screen Time before and found out that it doesn’t work for them because it’s so easy to bypass. We add a layer of friction that requires you to think twice before using distracting apps. We also have a ‘Deep Focus’ mode that doesn’t let you use distracting apps at all till the timer runs out which can’t be done with Screen Time.

On top of that, we also have other features like Schedules where you can automatically block different apps at different times of the day and we even have a Chrome extension that syncs with our iOS app to block the same sites and apps on Chrome as well.

You can configure Opal to run with Siri Shortcuts so we prevent you from opening distracting apps and completely redirect you to Opal so you can be more intentional.

All in all, we believe Opal can work hand in hand with Apple’s Screen Time and give you more control over how you manage your phone use and help you build healthier screen habits by being more actionable than Screen Time.

Hope that helps! Happy to answer any specific questions!

Comment By: Kenneth

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Update @here : Opal FAQ | How to Block Apps with iPhone Focus Mode and Focus Filters together with Opal