🥳 [Completed] Presets for Schedules 💡

Feature Requested By: Kenneth
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I often think about Opal - I realized that in the end I am not used enough … and so I tried to dig in and understand why.

I wonder if it might be interesting to offer schedules when the person onboards (or even in the schedule section). It would also allow you to offer best practices that people do not necessarily have in mind (when they are at the table, with family, etc.).

For example :

  • For meals
    -For family moments (for example, Saturday morning, Sunday morning …)
  • The first 30 minutes when the person comes home in the evening
  • When the person has to do homework or is in class …

It would be great to be able to ask during sign-up if the users have children, a project that they need to focus on (review), etc. that would allow you to detect how to propose a suitable configuration.