Conflicting Data Between Different Sections of the App

This week I noticed something very…… funny about my opal: it is giving me 3 different and conflicting sets of data. My daily time window (Home) shows me one data point which indicated avg of approx 2.5hr, my weekly graph (under Profile) shows and says 3hr9m, my weekly recap presents completely different daily screen time data and a totally different average of 3h40m (with daily values above 4hr)!! One of these has to be wrong, actually 2 of them have to be wrong. Frankly I’m upset and disappointed that 2 out of 3 (or maybe 3 out of 3, who knows) are giving me incorrect or inaccurate data. Where is this false data even coming from? Which data point can I trust? I fear I will have to just go back to using apple’s built in and free screen time reports…

Note: I have pictures of all aforementioned data but it’s not letting me upload them as a new user

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I came here for this same exact reason! Hoping you get a reply soon.