Crash on iOS when modifying app groups

Every time I edit my entertainment app group the app crashes. Let me know what I can provide in terms of logs. It’s 100% reproducible

My profile name is TanCobaltite5040

We are aware of this issue which affects 1% of people: can you please do this:

  1. Update Opal to V3.47 or later
  2. Go to settings, and DISABLE “Display App Icons”.

This should fix the issue, please let us know!

The app keeps crashing every time i try and add a site or an app from Information and Reading, Productivity and Finance, Other, or search from the search bar. THIS APPLE SCREEN HAS CRASHED pops up trying to do any of these.

There’s a suggestion to search to add apps following a 16.4 iOS update - is this the long term solution (not that this works, the search functions not working after all).

IOS up to date and so is the app on the latest version (30th Sept).