Create “Timeout” difficulty for App Limits blocks

For the App Limits blocks, implement the “timeout” difficulty level to prevent easy bypassing. This level provides the right amount of friction.

Hey there,

Thanks for the feature request! I’ve passed this suggestion along to our engineers to consider as we continue to upgrade the app. Stay tuned!

All the best,
Team Opal

Hi! Seconding this request. Sometimes I just need to do one quick thing, like reply to a message or post something, and so I skip my limit. But then of course I get sucked in again for hours. I wish I could just take a break for 15 mins and then have it kick back in automatically. The fact that it’s so easy to turn it off makes the app limits not very helpful, unless I do a deep focus block, which I’m hesitant to use because sometimes I do need to use these apps for a real (functional) reason not just doom scrolling. Thanks for your consideration!