Customer service

Can’t believe this needs to be a feature request but how about a human in customer service (especially as there’s nothing more mentally crushing than being kept in bot-loop)…

I have a question regarding security I want answering before I install the app and give it access to my entire screetime history (truly the window to my digital world) and there is no one to speak to, no way of having a two way conversion (I’ve noticed this department would help with peoples cancellation issue too).

In short Opal says it does not “sell” your data but in the T&Cs it reserves the rights to push targeted ads and can’t guarantee what affiliated third parties will do with your data (presumably given data and not “sold”).

But maybe the very fact there isn’t an accountable human one can easily get in touch with, says it all.

Many thanks,
a potential customer that probably swerved a bullet…

Hey there,

Sorry for any confusion. We have in-app customer service. You can contact the Support team using the instructions here:

All the best,
Team Opal