Decline in accuracy and reliability

Hello all
I have noticed a major decline in the apps reliability accuracy and functionality. More than ever I am not getting sessions triggering correctly - I have to go I to the app which seems to trigger the well done screen for the previous session and then when I exit the app the subsequent session is activated. Often I notice a yellow error message telling me I have to do a selection of things to correct and error which seems to be provoked by the latest iOS. I would say a majority of time, sessions are not being automatically triggered.

Today I cannot accès the other category to allow permission for a specific website during a deep focus session - i get an error message saying the apple screen has malfunctioned and I have to force close the opal app. This is very frustrating!

I appreciate that there is a relationship between opal and my iOS but I am getting increasingly frustrated that I have paid a fairly large amount of money for an app that cannot seem to fulfill its basic premise.

If anyone has any advice please let me know otherwise I may have to say farewell to opal until it works as it’s supposed to

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Cat, I’m sorry to read about this and want to make sure we continuously improve.
We have spotted an issue with App Limits that is causing some unreliability and are fixing it.
Which iOS are you on?

Hi there
I am on iPhone 11 iOS 16.6……i will say over the last few days it seems to have improved so thanks for your work wrangling it!

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Hi Kenneth just adding my two cents here as well, I have also noticed accuracy issues. For example, I have been awake for 2 hours and in that time I have 33 minutes of screentime and 14 pickups. However Opal says I have had a 10.0 flowstate the entire time and distraction free. Does this seem accurate?

Running iPhone 13 Pro MAX on iOS 16.6.


Hi there,

Not piling on but I’ve also not been having sessions start or finish at the correct times at al. Part of me thinks the time-zones are off? Is that possible? I’m in the UK.

I want to have a break at lunch for communicating with people and using some apps outside of work. My evening block is kicking in etc.

Will try uninstalling everything (when I can) and report back.


Something you guys can try before uninstalling would be to go to Opal settings > FAQs > Troubleshooting > Reset my screentime connection and see if it helps !

We have observed a recurring problem with scheduled sessions for individuals who have recently changed time zones.

@jshez, Does your issues commenced following travel to and from a different time zone?