Do we don't have Pomodoro anymore

After the new update, have we removed the Pomodoro way to enter session.

I don’t like starting the session using the current way. I prefer working for 1-2 hours using a pomodoro of 25 mins and taking a break for 5 mins.

I wish this can be automated on phone.

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Hi Kapild,

That is right, we have removed the Pomodoro timer since before the update. You can use this video, available in the Opal Café, here it is!

Thanks for sharing this. Wondering if you can share why Pomodoro approach was removed. The video still doesn’t give me a way to automate my flow. With Pomodoro, I don’t need to block/unblock in my break/flow state. The beauty of it was that it took away manual process for me.

One way you can do this @kapild is by scheduling several sessions for 25 min.

However I will add this as a feature request so we can get votes from other members and comments on this feature, that will help us prioritize.