Enquiry about "lifetime" membership

Hi, I have a question.

If one was to commit to the “lifetime membership” at $300, if the app was to happen to go out of business or get radically changed after a year or two, is a pro rata refund built in to the fine print?



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The apps stopped working properly on apple devices. For the past two months I’ve been trying to get a refund for my lifetime membership. Opal say apple should pay and apple say Opal. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. And they clearly don’t care about supporting customers over the long term, they’ve not even replied after i went back to them after their initial response. It’s a lot of money and they don’t apparently have any control over how the product works if the companies they work with change the privacy settings (the reason the gave).

Thanks, that’s helpful. I have an iPhone and it seems to be working fine for me, but an experience like yours is exactly why I’m hesitant to pay for lifetime, despite this app already having radically improved my life in the past week.

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Do you mind me asking which iPhone are you on? As it’s not working across my iPhone 11 or iPad Pro I assumed this was the case with all apple products. Esp as they said it was an apple issue. Thanks!

I have an iPhone XR. I had to update my iOS to 17.2.1 to download Opal.

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Hey there,
I am sorry to read about this experience. Our standards are to reply to every customer (it takes 2 business days). Can you share your email with me via DM so I can look into your requests and the issue you are experiencing?

Thank you for sharing your hesitations, and thank you for sharing your customer experience. We have hundreds of lifetime subscribers and we’re thankful that most are very satisfied. They use Opal as a continuous improvement tool, and when you plan to keep using new technology in the next few years, it’s likely that Opal will be useful in the long run.

We are also continuously improving the product launching new features, and will launch software on various devices like desktop.

Although we work very hard to improve the Opal product every single week, it can happen that lifetime customers encounter a technical difficulty or are unsatisfied. In this case, as per our refund policy, if the purchase was made through Apple, we do not have the ability to process a refund as only Apple can. If the purchase was made through our website on , which I encourage you to do (Opal | Pricing ), we can issue a refund According to our policy.

A lifetime subscription is a bet on us, our team and mission (Opal | About), which is why I am very thankful to every lifetime subscriber of Opal for trusting us, and believing that we will be around for many years to come. There is no guarantee of this and if you’re not willing to take that risk, then I would recommend looking at other shorter plans.

Thank you very much for your consideration, and I hope Opal will continue to be helpful and improve your life!

PS I just blocked someone who posted on this thread earlier because he was spamming (working for another app) unrelated content. I encourage people to share their experience, even if they’re negative on this forum, as long as it’s relevant.

Hi Kenneth, thanks for your response!

A life time membership is a bit out of my budget at the moment but, I have taken advantage of your special offer and recorded an instructional video for one of your help topics, in exchange for lifetime membership. I sent it by email yesterday and look forward to the response there :slight_smile: Thankyou!