Extension for Arc Browser

Would love to see the Opal web extension work with Arc. So many people I know in the tech/design community has started using Arc and could benefit from Opal on web!


@Anton what do you think

Opal already works in Arc! Because Arc uses chromium technology you can install any extension from chrome web store, including Opal!

I use it personally in Arc and it works for me!

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Found this Arc | Using Extensions - YouTube

Interesting! I initially tried using it through Arc as a chromium extension and for as long as I had “Sync with iOS” enabled it didn’t block any websites. I just turned off the sync and found that Opal on Arc is now working as intended!

Thanks for the help, now the Product Designer in me is just curious as to why its not working with Sync enabled hahaha! Spike ticket!

Thanks Archer! We actually just pushed a released of the extension to remove the “sync with iOS” feature. This feature was built when Opal used a VPN, but now that we use Screen Time API we can no longer pass information about what apps are being blocked from iOS to Chrome. This is an Apple-imposed limitation to protect user privacy.

Looking forward to having more feedback from you as a product designer! we love it.