Feature requests and a couple questions


  1. Is it possible to have multiple sessions running at once? I’d like that for two reasons

1.a. I’d like to be able to block more than 49 apps by setting multiple block sessions with different apps that they are each blocking

1.b. I’d like to block some apps during the day and make it impossible to end that block, but to block others with the ability to end it.

1.c. I may want to have one block that blocks my most distracting apps all day during work hours, but allow certain less distracting apps (like slack, etc) later in the day. That way I can start off my day with the most productive work but still come back to the distracting but still work-related stuff later. You could implement this with two non-overlapping blocks but there would be many of the same apps in each list, which makes it annoying to set up. And more importantly, I may need to unblock slack, but I don’t want to be able to unblock Netflix. If you can only have one running session at a time, that becomes impossible.

Right now, when I created a second deep focus block at the same time as another, non-deep-focus block, it looks like the deep focus block overrode the other one, which is unfortunate.

  1. I mentioned this before, but it would be amazing when creating blocks to be able to sort my apps by most used. Because otherwise I have to basically go through every single category to make sure I’ve gotten all the apps that are distracting. Especially since you cannot display all apps alphabetically and just go through them all. You have to go section by section.

  2. It would be great to be able to have something in between the two options of: not be able to undo the block at all, and able to end it completely after waiting 5 seconds. Some possible options:

3.a. Being able to only pause the block for N minutes at a time (possibly configurable). With the wait required to pause the block being also configurable and increasing each time (preferably with the increase interval being customizable itself).

3.b. Perhaps also you could allow the user to say “I can only pause a block every N minutes.”

3.c. Or only N times per session.

3.d. I know if it’s too configurable it could become confusing, but basically giving the user the ability to say “I want it to be possible for me to end this block, but significantly harder than it is now”. And you could also hide some of these configs in an advanced settings menu or something.

  1. I mentioned this before as well, but it would be huge to be able to put in limits during a time window. For example, I might say that I don’t want to totally block my news app during the work hours, but I might only want to be able to use it for 20 minutes. But, in the evening, maybe I want to not have a limit (or, even better, be able to have a different limit at that time).

  2. Idk if you saw my post about the parental control market, but I think that could be huge for you guys. My post in in the export screen time thread. No pressure to consider it or respond but I just wanted to point it out in case you didn’t see it.

Finally, if you’d like me to break this post out into multiple topics I’m happy to do so. And of course feel free to take what is useful from this and ignore what isn’t. But these are all features that I personally would find very useful. Except the parental control point, which is more just an idea.

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unfortunately no - the 49 apps limits is imposed by Apple.

Have you tried using App Limits on top of Sessions for this?

We would love this unfortunately we don’t have control over the app picker screen, it’s entirely managed by Apple (even though it’s inside our app). We did give Apple some feedback here and are hoping for an improvement with the next OS.

In the latest release you will now find different Session Difficulty levels, have you tried this?

Not exactly what you are asking but we did create App Limits with a “cooldown” period which is customizable, for example you can say “I want to be able to use Instagram for 10min, then I can’t for a cooldown period of 3 hours, and then I can use it for 10 min again”.