First NYC Meetup for Opal

Last Thursday we hosted Opal’s first meetup in NYC. We’ll be sharing some pictures below soon.

Hello New York Gems,

Thank you so much for attending our event last Thursday. It was a joy getting to speak with you all in-person to hear your individual stories, as well your critiques and ideas for improvement. The energy was palpable. I’m more confident than ever that together, we can change the status quo and help billions of people fight back.

I’ll be posting this message here on our community forum. Shortly we will be updating it with pictures from the event. If you want to stay in the loop and connect with other people you may have met (or not) at the event, please comment on the thread with your name and contact details.

Here are some fun parting points:

  • The Opal 2023 Screen Time Report
    There are 1.7M Gems around the world
    67M hours saved
    Per day: 151,000 hours EACH DAY last year
  • How do the NYC boroughs compare on average screen time?Highest = The Bronx (the highest for cities in the US)Lowest = Brooklyn
  • Announcements
    We’re building a MacOS computer app this year
    We’re Hiring! Please apply or share with someone who’s great! Opal Careers | Join Team Opal
  • As a second gift for attending, we’d love to offer you a 50% off discount code for Opal PRO (link here). Though as a kind reminder for our enthusiastic Gems, when 5 of your friends download Opal using your invite link you get a year of PRO for free :slight_smile:

Thank you again from bottom of our hearts!
Alec, Andy, Anton, Kenneth, Marjolaine, Matt, and Peter

It was great meeting all you Gems! Here is the photo album from the event last week :star_struck: