[🚨FIRST STEP] Introduce Yourself and Meet the Community

Hello Gems! My name is Vikki and I reside in Rhode Island and, I work from home. I am using Opal to stay on task during work hours in hopes that I will complete my work during work hours.
I hope that will lead to better work-life balance.

I am looking forward to interacting with my fellow Gems! :gem:


Rachel, welcome! We’re rooting for you. Please share your songs when you can!

Vikki, it’s great to meet you! Hoping the work hours are more focused and productive since you started with Opal. Can’t wait to have your feedback.

Hello :wave:

First time user.
Username: Tomatobloodstone9902
Testing out new apps and games.

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Welcome! happy to have you here

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Hi everyone! New here

Pro: I have just graduated from a business school and I am currently working as a freelance for 1 year, as for personal reasons I want to be have a very flexible calendar! I’m working for early stage startups on different fields (marketing, growth, product…) or helping SMB to digitize their business. I have worked in a community-driven startup before so I’m happy to be part of a new community now :slight_smile:

Work Setup : I work from coworking spaces mostly. I can also meet clients in-person when needed.
I Use Opal to: reduce my screentime, avoid getting distracted or just taking my phone because I have nothing to do so I automatically have a look at my notifications. I have tried a lot of things to reduce it (Apple screen limits, new concentration mode - feature that I find very nice btw, other apps to limit the screen time…)
My Schedules: working 4 days a week, office hours. Now that I am with Opal I’m blocking social media on office hours. Home hours are the most difficult to stay away from phone sollicitations, such as sleep timings.

Dreams: Not being too black & white on screen usage. Understanding how to manage it well for them to be powerful to you.

Opal: I discovered Opal over a conversation. I was sceptical about another app that would help me to manage my screentime. But for the very few days I’ve been using it, I might admit I’m happy to have tested it, it has already helped me a lot!