[🚨FIRST STEP] Introduce Yourself and Meet the Community

Hello All!

My name is Buğra, and I’m from Istanbul / Turkiye.

Pro: I’m working as a Program Manager for the last 4 months but before that I was a Project Manager for 5 years.

Work Setup: Nowadays I’m working remotely, and distractions are coming from everywhere since I’m pretty new at this. While I was a Project Manager, I mostly found myself on the field around the machines but now I’m just going to our headquarters once a month!

I use Opal to: Be productive again because I’m in a high-performing department and every single second counts. When I realise I’m stuck at Instagram for the last hour, unwillingly and unmindfully I’m trembling over the consequences upcoming. I had several limits from the Native features of the iPhone but I was always bypassing it when I reached out to the limits. Opal became my personal saviour for gaining my time back.

My Schedules: I usually use a Morning Schedule to keep myself away from social media right after I wake up and a Work Day Schedule of course during the day for an ongoing momentum. As a free user, the features that the app provides are just incredible.

Dreams: I really would like to start my own start-up about agriculture with sustainable goals!

Opal : Unironically I found Opal via Instagram.

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Hi! My name is Maggie. I am the mom of 3 kids, (11, 12 & 16). I home school my 2 younger kids, design, & write curriculum, serve on several boards that incorporate education and social action & have severe Inattentive Type ADHD. I really struggle with task management, procrastination, and time awareness. I’m hoping that this app will help me block the apps I use to procrastinate. What drew me in is the ability to really pick and choose what apps I can use. I work mostly off my phone so I can’t always just put it down. I also listen to audiobooks while I’m working (it helps me tune out other distractions) and I found with other apps tracking my use it looked like I had been on my phone for 12 hours because I had audible on. I’m optimistic though with Opal so looking forward to see it hat it can do

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Hello, I’m Carlos from Portugal I run a small marketing called more sales for you. I love to try new productivity apps.

  • Pro: I do marketing and web development for the last 10 years. Based in Thailand…
  • Work setup: 6 days a week. Sunday I rest.
  • I use Opal to: Reduce the time I use my phone because sometimes things get out of control.
  • My Schedules: I like to work from 9am to 7pm but I’m slowly trying to start earlier and finish also earlier.
  • Dreams: My objective is to grow my business and hire more people so I can have more free time.
  • Opal: I believe was on twitter I saw someone sharing a tweet about it.

Thank you all

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Hi! My name is Marilyn and I’m an emotional intelligence executive coach that amidst writing online and fleshing out a substack/podcast combo. My substack titled so, you’re dead blends together problems like navigating modern work culture and its existential dread and provides solutions through common ways to bridge connection with self and others like creativity, conversation, style, and a little humor.

I’m wondering if y’all would be open to a brand ambassador style thing—my audience is little but I love y’all’s product and I’m opening up a long-form podcast this week titled, THE IRRATIONAL DECISION-MAKING PODCAST.

Much love,

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Amazing to meet you! Your substack and podcast sounds awesome, congrats. Yes you could totally join our affiliate program: Become an Opal Affiliate @Marjolaine can reply to you there once you applied!

Pro: Michigander here. My background is in psychology and over the last 7 years, I’ve moved to Italy, gotten my Masters in entrepreneurship, started and ended an e-commerce startup, and become a marketing manager, first in a VC and now in a tech startup.

Work setup: My home in Rimini, on the Adriatic Coast of Italy.

I use Opal to: Make sure I don’t get side-tracked when I’m working. Include more mindfulness in my day.

My schedules: During the workweek and my sleeping hours.

Dreams: Being part of a startup that makes the world better and gets the traction it needs to be a success.

Opal: I heard about it on the gram. :slight_smile: I’m just on the trial mode because the price tag is quite high for me. Let’s see how it goes.

Hey there!
Jann here, I’m a last year high school student who’s aiming to enroll in a Med School.

Pro: Professional student for 12 years and it’s increasing! :joy:
Work setup: A phone and a ton of books.
I use Opal to: Block whatever distracts me! Distractions be gone! Mwahahaha!
My schedules: Everyday, blocking everything,I guess?
Dreams:Be the best doctor around, you know. One of the ones that chop chop!
Opal: Found it while surfing the App Store. I’m really glad I found it!!