[🚨FIRST STEP] Introduce Yourself and Meet the Community

Hey Gems, Rishabh this side! :wave:

  • Pro: I work as a Business Development Intern and Website Manager for an education-based startup while also attending my College (final year) and Freelance content writing. I’ve worked as a content writer for industry titans like Valnet Inc. and GAMURS Group, to mention a couple. You can anytime check [my Portfolio] for more information (https://imrishabh.bio.link).

  • Work setup: :white_heart: Since I’m still in college, I don’t have a formal employment arrangement. However, my computer helps me with all of my freelance work remotely.

  • I use Opal to: block distractions (particularly from Twitter, Instagram, and X, occasionally from LinkedIn :joy:). I also have custom Opal schedules for the weekends and other regular days.

  • My Schedules: :grimacing: Everything is a jumble. But day by day, I am making progress on the course, all thanks to Opal! :sparkling_heart:

  • Dreams: Since dreaming is acceptable, my goal is to become India’s prime minister :smile:.

  • Opal: Opal was discovered by me via the iOS App Store a year ago. Unfortunately, though, the lack of features at that time made me stop using it. Then, I recently watched a video of Ali Abdal in which he referred to Opal. I therefore considered giving Opal another go to check if the feature list had any new additions. Additionally, I adored the app’s reliability, new features, and updated app style! Well done, developers. I’m going to keep with it forever now! :sunglasses:

PS: My LinkedIn profile is located here: https://www.linkedin.com/rishabhchauhan25/ (If someone would like to connect) :bulb:

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Hello, I’m Tomi. I recently joined opal and I’m trying to see if it can help with my phone addiction lol

  • Pro: I’m a university student in undergrad

  • I use Opal to: reduce screentime, especially during 9-5 when I should be focusing on schoolwork

  • Dreams: I noticed that I’ve become way dumber (I know that sounds harsh😭) than I used to be and my critical thinking skills, vocabulary and attention span have become diminished over the years. I realized it was time to better myself intellectually so I hope to get my brain working again Abe be able to foster better connections with myself and other better.

  • Opal: I saw an IG ad that looked cool

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Hello! My name is Spencer!

I just got opal to hopefully help with my social media addiction!

I work in real estate in Montreal Canada! And I’m on my phone all the time! I need to find time for myself and get off my phone!!!

I’m so glad there’s such a big team of people like me! I can’t wait to get to know some of you guys! :melting_face:

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Hi! I am Hauke.
I am enthusiastic about self-manipulation and corporate manipulation, which led me to create the website brightpatterns.org and start research on the topic for my PhD.
I am curious about more nuanced methods to steer our attention, e.g. content based.

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