Focus Score Edit / Customization - which Apps do you want to add?

Focus Pomo.
Daily Habits

Please add the Remnote app :slight_smile:

Planoly - productive. Great way to get work done and not be on Instagram. Thx!

Freestyle Libre or Libre 3 as neutral

It‘s the App that monitors my blood sugar and it‘s not productive itself but I need to use it

I’d like italki to be added as productive
It’s a language learning app where you mostly have video lessons with teachers

Depop and soundcloud !

Can you add Loóna please?

Dexcom G6 neutral
LibreLink neutral

Please add
fabulous - slightly productive
Shape - slightly productive
Ecobee - neutral

Please add Hudl and PlayMetrics

Please add Switchcraft- very distracting

Please add TradingView, MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5 and threema

Could these please be considered for adding

Total Fusion Australia - Productive
(Gym Class Booking App)

Wix Owner - Productive
(Wix Website Business Owner Control App)

Up - Productive

Aus Post - Neutral
(Similar to FedEx or Amazon but Australian)

Bazaart - Neutral
(Photo/Video Editor)

HotDoc - Productive
(Health Appointment Booking App)

MILKRUN - Productive
(Groceries App)

Woolies/Woolworths - Productive
(Groceries App)

SoundCloud - Slightly Distracting
(Music App)

Thank you! :relaxed: