[COMPLETED] Categorize Apps as Productive or Distracting [Focus Score]

FIXED! v.3.41

We have an exciting update. Starting today when you update your Opal app, you’ll see a new Opal home that allows you to instantly see all apps installed on your phone and customise them in one tap. Here’s more about it:


Introducing the New Opal Home Screen: Track Your Screen Time and Improve Your…

Today we’re introducing a simpler and clearer way to track your screen time and improve your focus. Straight in the Opal app. Check it out!

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You can tap on any app and edit wether you think this app is Productive or Distracting. Hit Save, and your score and chart will update.

Productive: Apps that help your Focus

Distracting: Apps that hurt your Focus.

Neutral: Apps that neither hurt not help your focus. They are not counted towards your screen time. You can use this for example for apps you use in the background like Google Maps or audio like Spotify.

It’s up to you to decide!

PS if you don’t see the new Opal home, don’t forgot to update your Opal app!

we recently introduced a way for everyone to edit your Focus Score and Decide which apps distract you and which help you be productive. . However, not all apps will be listed by default - we need to manually add them. **Can you please list HERE

  • which apps you want included?
  • which rating do you want for it (very distracting /slightly distracting / neutral / slightly focused / very focused)?**

CHECK HERE for the list of Apps already requested



Kenneth, could we get Thought Diary and Abide added?

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Can you add Notability and Study Bunny?


yes; keep them coming!

Please add Spotify to the list.


Kobo books


Please add Documents by Readle, Obsidian, Google Classroom, Bing, Libby, and the Clock app by Apple

Additionally if possible, Google Docs, Unread, Flipqo, Calculate84, Instapaper, the Photos app by Apple, Coursea, EMMO, and JEFIT

It’s fine if you only add the first paragraph. Thank you.

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Hi there, I would love for these apps to be implemented: Strength Log, Word, Teams, Medito, Shut eye, Routinery, Stretch Club, Forest, WhatsApp’s, Facetime and Zoom. All of these apps I use on a daily basis and I don’t consider them to count as screen time, many thanks, Harrison

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I can’t change the focus score impact of Duolingo on my phone, I’d like it to be something that has a POSITIVE impact on my focus score, not a negative. I’ve tried searching for it in your “Edit Focus Score” but it isn’t there to edit.

Change focus score of sleeping apps like Rise. I use opal and rise in conjunction with each to help my week and it’s extremely productive. I’d like my score to reflect that when Im scheduling.


Absolutely will do this

Will add this in the next app version release! Thank you.

This one should already be in there, can you see this screen below?

Kenneth, could we get Thought Diary and Abide added to this?

Thanks for all your feedback. In the next app version, we’ll be adding the following apps (productivity levels are the defaults, but you’ll be able to edit of course!)

App Name Productivity Level Default
Google Maps Neutral
Spotify Neutral
Audible Neutral
Headspace Slightly Productive
Kobo Books Neutral
Libby Neutral
Thought Diary Slightly Productive
Abide Slightly Productive
Strength Log Slightly Productive
Word Very Productive
Teams Very Productive
Medito Slightly Productive
Shut eye Slightly Productive
Routinery Slightly Productive
Stretch Club Slightly Productive
Forest Slightly Productive
WhatsApp Slightly Distracting
FaceTime Slightly Distracting
Zoom Slightly Productive
Notability Very Productive
Study Bunny Slightly Productive
Documents by Readdle Very Productive
Obsidian Very Productive
Google Classroom Very Productive
Bing Neutral
Clock (Apple) Neutral
Google Docs Very Productive
Unread Slightly Productive
Flipqo Slightly Distracting
Calculate84 Slightly Productive
Instapaper Slightly Productive
Photos (Apple) Neutral
Coursera Very Productive
EMMO Slightly Productive
JEFIT Slightly Productive
Duolingo Slightly Productive
Rise Slightly Productive
Pimsleur Slightly Productive
LinkedIn Slightly Productive
Maps Neutral
Pomodoro App Slightly Productive
Lofi Music Neutral
Outlook Very Productive
Zendesk Very Productive

Other apps (sorry if these are a repeat):

  • Strava
  • Strong App
  • Nike Training
  • Wim Hof Method
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Xbox
  • Formula 1
  • Cineplex
  • Paramount+
  • Disney+
  • Apple TV
  • Shop
  • Craigslist
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Google
  • LastPass
  • Neeva
  • EpicMix
  • NHL
  • TheGrint
  • Dashlane

When is the new app version?

Ibooks would be a good one :smiley:

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The calculator app would be great!


Also, Sleep Tracker would be a brilliant addition