Focus Score Edit / Customization - which Apps do you want to add?

Hey, can you add TradingView and webull

Please add ClockPhone. It is a full screen clock app. Thanks!

Hi, could you add Flow as very productive please. Thank you

Please add ‘Quizlet’

Please add carb manager as neutral and also zero fasting as neutral.

Is there a way to exclude apps from the screen time count, like meditation apps?

Please add Wallet, (travel wallet spending tracker) as neutral, IG trading, better me, barefoot surfing.

Please add Pillow as neutral. This is a sleep tracker and the screen is only blacken by the app but it needs to stay open.

Is it really a way a productivity app should work. We have to create an account on a forum so we can get an app that is on our phone added to a huge list of app not on our phone on the next update we don’t know how long before it gets out?

Feedly (rss reader) slightly distracting

Hey Kenneth, love what you’re doing with Opal. Can we add fitbod to the list? (Productive app)

Could you please add Otter, Motion, Fitbod, and Recorder Pro? Thank you!

Please add Arlo
Sleep Crusher

Please add PowerSchool in as Productive

Google Meet
Google Calendar

We cannot edit these ones

Zero fasting as neutral

Please add STRETCHIT (it is a stretching app) to the list as Productive. Also, it might be worth for Opal to develop a way where if it’s detecting an app on the focus score, you can go ahead and edit it there, versus having to request it be added. Seems like it would be less work on the team!

Could we add apps:
The Daily Wire
YouVersion Bible App
Logos App

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The gospel library app!

It is a religious app for scripture study and I use it daily but it is negatively impacting my score even though it’s super productive. Also Libby is still missing from the list.

It would be cool if you could make it so that
apps that aren’t included just are neutral and don’t impact your score at all.

I love this app and it’s been super helpful to me, keep up the great work!

Can you please add peloton thx

Can you add Microsoft OneDrive (productive)?

Would really appreciate it if you could add the app Linelearner, with it being classed as very productive. Thanks!