Get More Free breaks after X Time I'm Focused

I typically use the Timeout difficulty level for my sessions, which punishes me the more breaks I take. I’d love to see an option to reward myself with a free break (no waiting) after a certain amount of focused time passes.

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Personally, when I use Opal I set the sessions to always on, since the only times I want to use social media is when I make the conscious choice to do so through breaks. I struggle to find the best break time for me. If I select timeout, the waiting before break time eventually reach 120 seconds since I have it on always on. If I select normal, the waiting before break time is a mere 5 seconds so I tend to unconsciously wait the 5 seconds and go on a break, defying the point of the app for me. It’d be nice if you could alter the waiting time for “normal” breaks. Ideally I’d set it to 20 seconds.

I moved your comment here but I think what we can do is reduce the wait time when you spend a certain long time focused (without a break).