Getting out of deep focus by logging out (Fixed in v3.4)

When you log out of your pro account when in deep focus, you can leave the focus session early. This is a problem. A suggestion to fix it is simple: disable logging out when in deep focus. I assume the reason behind this is because you need pro for deep focus and when you log out, you disable your pro, ultimately not allowing you to be in deep focus.


Yep - I was in my first Deep Focus session yesterday and realized I needed to log into one of the apps real quick so I fiddled around with stuff and was able to turn Deep Focus completely off by logging out of Opal. Pretty easy.

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This is planned! thank for you for reporting. Changing this ASAP.

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Hi, I found a great suggestion for you guys.

I’ve been subscribed on Opal Pro for a while and I have a massive problem with phone using. So whenever I have a Deep Focus or any type of session, I just can cancel it by logging out. It would be great if you create a feature that includes not being able to log out while on a session or something like that.

Because is actually that easy, and I have been cheating a lot :confused:

Hope it’s possible :clap:

This is already done in the latest App version. Please update your Opal app (from the app store) and it will be fixed! you will no longer be able to get out of Deep Focus when you log out.

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