๐Ÿ‘ป Happy Halloween ๐ŸŽƒ Today, Halloween Block Screens take over

Had so much fun on this one. Boo! Opal scared your distracting apps away! This Halloween, focus on what matters โ€” pick a great costume and let your apps take a nap.

:ghost: Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

To see the Block Screens:

  • Open the Opal App
  • Start or Set a Session or App Limit to Block Apps
  • Open a Blocked App.


Youโ€™ll discover some amazing Halloween Block Screens.

Hereโ€™s a sample:


:jack_o_lantern:**Carve Up Your Pumkin, Not Your Time.**Jack-oโ€™-lanterns glow tonight,Put [App] away, enjoy the spooky sight.Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:

:candy:**Trick or Tweet?**Candies in hand, [App]'s not in the band. Stroll the night, enjoy the sweet delight.Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:

:vampire:Vampires Donโ€™t App, They Take a NapBy day they rest, by night they jest,Dress up, leave [App] to the chest.Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:

:magic_wand:Hocus Pocus, [App]'s Not Your FocusWitches three, a charm spree,Without [App], youโ€™re free as can be. Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:

:zombie::male_sign:Walking Dead, [App]'s Put to BedZombies around, make no sound,Time without [App], truly unbound.Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:

:ghost:**Who you gonna call? Not [App]!**Who to call when spooks draw near? Ghostbusters!Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:

:derelict_house:**Haunted House or Haunted [App]?**Spectral signals might cause a fright. Step away and enjoy the nightHappy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:

:zombie::male_sign:**Itโ€™s Aliveโ€ฆ But Not [App]!**Much like the Frankensteinโ€™s creation, This app needs a brief rejuvenation.Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:

:cat2::black_large_square:**Black Cat Crossed, [App]'s Been Tossed!**Bad luck or jest, itโ€™s time to rest.Give your eyes a break, itโ€™s for the best.Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:


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