Help me stop deactivating sessions for that day

Hi, so I had been REALLY loving Opal and was finding it made such a difference to my screen time and habits… until I realised that if I’m currently in a blocking session and don’t want to be then it is way too easy to just go into ‘Sessions’ and de-select the current day from the live sessions schedule… I’ve just done it again for one that was live this morning and have seen that my next one now isn’t happening until the end of the day (because I’d obviously de-selected Monday from all my other planned sessions that were originally in for this day last week… :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t2:)

I don’t know about other users but for me the reason I have Opal is to help save me from myself and create some form of enhanced self-discipline, so please don’t make it so easy for me to bypass this control!

One idea I had that could help is if when making a change to remove days from a live session’s schedule that it creates a countdown pause before being able to save the changes (like it would on the other screen before being able to take a break or cancel, etc.)? I think if people are going into a live session to add it in to repeat on extra days too that should be fine, but you’ll know it’s people like me (or maybe just me :woman_shrugging:t2:) who are bypassing the system if we’re de-activating a live session by editing and de-selecting days… PLEASE HELP :pray:

(screenshots added to help explain what I mean)