🔥 [High Demand] Do a Game, Puzzle, Challenge to Take a Break

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Currently I can specify that I want to take a break for up to 59 minutes, it takes willpower to set a reasonable time (rather than just spinning the dial to get a large number). Given I’m using Opal to avoid falling into social media black holes where checking one message turns into 30 minutes of doomscrolling, it’d be great if Opal was able to drip-feed access to specified ‘problematic’ apps, and that in order to unlock the app I needed to do some kind of challange.

So for example, given I have specified that Twitter is problematic, i.e. addictive, then I should have to complete some kind of puzzle in order to unlock it, and every 10 minutes I should have to complete another puzzle to keep it unblocked—with the puzzles becoming increasingly difficult every 10 minutes.

Include some kind of game, puzzle, or task that needs to be completed before a break can be used. Something to make breaks more difficult to take.

Perhaps activate this feature after a certain amount of breaks have been taken by a user.

There can be difficulty levels for break deterrents as well.