🔥 [High Demand] Sound effects

Feature Requested By: Anna Satori
Number of Votes: 11
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I would love the option to turn on cute immersive sound effects— similar to the Fabulous App. Sound helps me feel rewarded for using apps and gets me in a certain focused mindset.

Comment By: Kenneth

Love this idea, we’ll add it to the roadmap

Feature Requested By: Kcunning1
Number of Votes: 9
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When I finally get into focus mode, I miss when the Opal session has ended, when the break started, when the break is over, etc. I have all notifications on so I do get a banner but the point is NOT to look at my phone. Would be great to set it, put the phone aside, then wait for the gentle ding (or sound of your choice) to let you know your session is over with probably a different sound for a break start/break over.

Feature Requested By: Rick
Number of Votes: 5
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The key to Pomodoro is getting audible notifications alerting you when to take a break. PLEASE ADD AUDIBLE NOTIFICATIONS

Feature Requested By: Jennifer Perkins
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Choose a notification sound that isn’t so easy to miss or allow us to pick our own sound. I never hear my phone when I’m supposed to start something and I end missing it. If possible, have the notification stick around longer too, like I have to clear it from my screen and watch before it disappears.