How do you log back in after deleting and reinstalling the app


I have been travelling from London to New Zealand and the time differences and multiple WiFi connections cases the app to malfunction looking me out if multiple apps at crucial moments

I followed the advice in the app and ultimately it TD me to delete and start again.

I am no in a settled location, have downloaded the app but there is no obvious way to just log in - it wants to take me through the set-up though I have a paid annual subscription. It’s bloody annoying!

I had to delete it too, but Apple will remember you already subscribed, so you can just click buy again and it will notify you you are already subscribed, then bipass the process and let you back into opal. But it is annoying because you will have to set everything up again and your old stats will be lost. It only remembers your username and then takes data from the screen time on your phone previous. I think if you save Opals data to icloud that might help

Update: I also just realized you can go into screen time settings one your phone and if you scroll to “Apps with Screen Time Access” you can shut off access for Opal so you don’t even have to delete it in the first place and you can just turn it back on when you’re ready