How is the "Timeout" countdown supposed to work?

I’ve been a huge fan of the app since day 1, it has been really helpful for me.

I typically use Sessions with a difficulty of timeout. When I first started using the app, it seemed like the timeout countdown clock reset every time I left the app. This was honestly great, because I’m less inclined to keep Opal open for 2 minutes, just to scroll instagram for a bit.

In the past couple days I have noticed that I will open Opal and i’ll have a break waiting for me and countdowns rarely reset when i leave the opal app. It’s really inconsistent seeming. I’ve been using my blocked app group way more frequently due to this change.

So how is this supposed to work? More specifically, what user actions are supposed to trigger a countdown reset?

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Replying to this thread because I’ve been having issues with Timeout for the last few days, since updating.

In the past, the clock has gone down in the background, so if it said there were 120 seconds remaining, I could switch to a non-blocked app or just turn my phone off for two minutes and then come back to it. It wasn’t always perfect, but it more or less worked.

Since the latest update, it keeps on resetting to 120 seconds, or if I’m lucky, 110 seconds.

seriously, how does timeout work. this is getting really frustrating. also, quite often i will be on a “break” which will end but my apps wont get blocked again. until i exit them.

okay now i’m in a “break” and my blocked apps aren’t even accessible…? this is a new one. would really like a response, i’m getting quite frustrated that i paid for this app when the core functionality is consistently broken.

Just wanted to bump this back up.

Hey! Is there any place where I can find how it works ? It is frustrating because sometimes it resets sometimes it doesn’t.

I really want to understand how it works so I can decide what difficult to use when creating a session.