Incremental nudges for App Limits

I want to be nudged every 5 min spent on the apps in my app limit. I don’t like that I’m reminded only once 1 minute before the full consumption of the app limit

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Agree. The way this feature is setup is not useful.

The issue with compulsive app use is doom-scrolling: you get lost in time when on it.

As it stands, one just get lost doom-scrolling, get a 1 min notification before budget is reached, which acts as a nudge, so the user close the app. Then later the user opens it again, and the app gets blocked only 1 minute in… so the user disables the app limit, allowing doom-scrolling for another block of time. This does not work as intended.

If you want to try reducing an app consumption to a given budget a day, what you need is regular notifications (say every 5min) reminding the user how much time there is left before the budget is reached. Those will act as nudges to inform the user that they are lost doom-scrolling and give them an opportunity to break out and keep to their designed daily budget.

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Thanks for sharing! have you tried this set up @Alex8089 @Motasim_Zawawi

  • create an app limit, with the difficulty set to “Reminder”
  • set it for 5min
  • block apps for… pick 5min
  • save.

Every time you spend 5min on this app, you will see the nudge (a block screen and notification), which can easily dismissed from the block screen. After 5 more minutes, you will be nudged again. etc.

Does this work for you?