IOS guided access & Opal bug

Guided access on IOS is useful when handing iPhone to a child, such as to watch a YouTube video. I often turn off touch in the options too.
Unfortunately using this completely locked my phone up once an Opal session turned on.


  1. in an Opal blocking session, set a short break of a few minutes
  2. open YouTube
  3. start guided access by triple clicking iPhone side button
  4. set options to turn off touch by triple clicking side button again and going to options
  5. wait for Opal to time out and start blocking again
  6. try to stop guided access using triple click in side and notice that the option is not there and your iPhone is completely locked
  7. get out of it by resetting IPhone with:
    Volume up
    Volume down
    Hold side button

This needs fixing as it was an awful user experience.