Leaderboard should be ranked by people with LEAST screen time

Looking at the leader board, why on earth is it ranked by the person with the MOST screen time at the top??? i downloaded this app to help me reduce my screen time and get years and time back, so the leaderboard should reflect the people who have the LEAST screen time at the top, and maybe even also the best focus scores. Please consider revising this as it sends the wrong message.


I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I initially deleted the app because of this “feature”.


Hey @here thank you for sharing this. We are working on the best way to make this feature, and appreciate your feedback.
How do you feel about being able to connect your phone book and seeing your friend’s screen time on this leaderboard?
Would you like to see this?

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Hi @Jess_Holliday @combeferret !
Thanks for the feedback
I wanted to add that the LeaderBoard isn’t about celebrating those spending the most time on their screens - quite the opposite! It’s a fun, community-driven nudge towards mindful tech use. As Gems see their time spent on their phone, it motivates reflection and self-awareness :pray:
It also serves as a conversation starter around screen time. It’s a shared space where we can all feel less alone in our digital habits. Regardless if you’re spending 10+ hours on screen or just a couple, seeing those numbers out there in the open helps us realize we’re part of a community working on the same challenge. It’s a reminder that screen time is not a taboo topic but a crucial aspect of our daily lives to be managed and discussed openly!

Why does leaderboard in Opal track the Opal
Members who have the MOST screen time? Isn’t the goal to have less screen time? It would be more motivating to have a leaderboard that I can actually get on. I have no interest in joining the leaderboard of Opal members using their phones for 15+ hours a day. Maybe have that as a shame board in a different section of the app?

@here you are totally right. We are going to change this. Will report back here once changed.


I just wanted to say I was equally confused and thought it strange that the leaderboard was members with the most hours.

I think users spending the most time in flow, or who have the greatest screen time improvement each month are a few more tasteful ways to do a leaderboard.

Maybe even more strict deep focus sessions get you more points, or not using breaks in sessions too.

And if you wanted to keep users with the most hours, rename it for what it is “Digital Wall of Shame” :joy:

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