Location & Time Change Blocker [FIXED in 3.25]

Can we find a way to lock the location time/settings within the Opal app?

Reason: I’ve realized that if I go into my iPhone settings and change my location, the time on my phone will adjust and I can manipulate the Opal sessions as a result.

Ex. I live in Vancouver Canada, I have set a focus session from 5am until noon, but if I wake up at 6am and change my location to London, UK upon waking (where it’s 8hours ahead) - I can now access those apps that I was trying to block during my morning.

Copying from Limit options to dodge/circumvent blocks, - #2 by kenneth

As someone who really struggles with self control and moderation, Opal’s scheduled sessions and app limits are incredibly helpful for maintaining control of my life. I will often set limits when I’m clear-headed to help hold myself accountable when I’m high or overtired or stuck on my phone for whatever reason. Unfortunately, I have discovered a few ways to circumvent the blocks, so even the un-cancellable blocks are no longer effective.

  1. Manually changing time allows circumvention of scheduled blocks and app limits
  • I don’t know enough about the kind of permissions and app on an Iphone can have, so I’m not sure if it’s possible to block manually changing date and time. If it’s not, I don’t have a good solution to this problem, but it’s worth looking into correcting as it has rendered all blocks effectively useless, especially for my more addictive habits.

Hi! Every sense I discovered you can go into the setting and change the time to bypass the sessions. It’s basically made paying for the app useless since there isn’t a true deep focus. My solution is adding time zones into the app either by location or by allowing a user to set it themselves. This setting is only allowed to be changed when there’s no session currently in progress and no session coming up in the next hour. The app will track what time it is depending on the time zone and block when the time is up in that time zone.

Hi @here ! We fixed this on the latest app update: V3. 25 is Live on the App Store. Simply turn App Uninstall Protection on from settings.

  • App Uninstall Protection will also now disable changing system date + time while in a session

Please let me know if this works for you,