Make the r “Take a Break” timer reset when you’re not looking at it

I dont know exactly why this was changed back.

Right now, I can open the “take a break” timer, close the app and do whatever I want for 120 seconds (heck, I can even turn my phone completely off!) and when I come back the timer will be done and I start scrolling tiktok for 15 minutes. Not good.

The thing that really got me to lower my screen time usage was when it made me LOOK at the take a break timer for the whole 120 seconds. That one change seriously lowered my screen time from 7hr to 4hr.

Instead of making the app too comfortable, make it what it was supposed to be, a strong impulse controller. My screen time is shooting back up since you guys did that and it’s frustrating


I agree, I wish the timer would only run while the Opal app is open.

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Thanks @here , we’ll look at this shortly.

Absolutely and didn’t it used to be like that before but now they changed it?

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Any updates? This was such a horrible change to make from how you had it before

I reflexively open Opal, because taking breaks is waaaay too easy (2 min? Who do you think needs this app the most?)

You could at least make it a little harder by not automatically starting the countdown. It’s so easy when you have ADHD to get through this. Very frustrating, because the app was almost great when the timer reset every time you switched away from the app

when it comes to the break timer, I remember it used to be much more harder to take a break and every time you would either close the timer or leave the app or so much as turn off your phone it would automatically reset meaning that you would have to wait in the app for the timer to end, and that was amazing and it made it much more rewarding but nowadays you can turn your phone off, close the timer, leave it on the background, and it will still keep on going and because of this it has kind of made my engagement increase a little and that’s not really cool and I remember I heard someone else talk about this issue in the forms and I’m glad because it needs to be talked about more.


I struggle with this too. Even with timeouts, it’s way too easy to take breaks. We should be forced to stay on the Opal screen to take the break, or at least have the option to make it so in the app.

It’s bewildering to me that they had this great feature and immediately nerfed it

I use timeout for my difficulty settings for a few of my blocks, but I find myself constantly using breaks. I want to be allowed breaks, but not so frequently. I can wait out a 90 second timer, but I’m much less inclined to wait 5 or 10 min


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