New Block Screens - What do you think?

You may have noticed that we started to release new Block Screens that show when you try to open a blocked app. They have motivational quotes, jokes, and more. It’s still an AB test so everyone won’t see them yet. We just received the feedback below. Do you agree? Disagree? What can we improve? Please let us know!

I wanted to let you know I LOVE the update

I just noticed the motivational quotes and images today when trying to open distracting apps and they are very motivating compared to what was before, keep it up. I love your app, it is a savior for me with ADHD and bad focus, Thank you <3

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I second the other comment. This update is fantastic. It’s great because I open blocked apps unconsciously, and the messages are actually quite effective at snapping into a more conscious headspace. I think they’re effective because they’re both funny (attention grabbing), and they tend to remind me of the general reasons why I’m trying to focus in the first place. The variety is also important. When it’s the same message/screen over and over (like the built in iOS one) I start to glaze over it after the first few times seeing it.

So anyways, A+ feature. It added value to the Opal experience for me!