New calendar mode to view scheduled sessions

The title really says it all but I think a calendar mode for some users would be preferred instead of the scheduled list. Since some users would prefer the list the ability to toggle between a list and calendar mode would be nice. Here’s a few features the calendar should have:

•The ability to choose between seeing the scheduled sessions for the day, 3 days out, or the week
•Lines marking every hour on the left with the custom session times for each block clearly displayed
•The ability to add custom reminders to remind the user before a block starts and before the session is about to finish

Also for now it’d be nice to have the ability to grab and move a session on the list in order to organize them since it’s currently locked

Hey there,

Thanks for the feature request! I’ve passed this suggestion along to our engineers to consider as we continue to upgrade the app. Stay tuned!

All the best,
Team Opal