Nighttime Networking & Sleep Hygiene

A commonly discussed issue and a not so commonly discussed issue:
Everybody knows that putting your phone away before bed helps you get better sleep… that is, if you get off your phone. In the past, I’ve tried to limit screen time on my phone during hours that I’m supposed to be getting into bed.
PROBLEM: The problem was that I wasn’t always home at night, and often needed my social media apps to network with other people when I was out. This created an inconsistency, and I could never commit to a scheduled nightly screen time limit.
SOLUTION: What if Opal could detect when I am home for the night and activate my night time screen limits? When I’m not home, Opal responds by allowing the apps I have selected for when I’m out at night. This way, I don’t have to constantly edit and switch nightly screen limits on and off… making developing good sleep hygiene just a little bit easier.

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