NYT and Instagram on safari not being blocked

My New York Times app isn’t getting blocked. Same with Instagram when I use it on safari.

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Did they get rid of this feature? It’s my first time using opal in a while.

Kinda pointless if I can just open Twitter in my chrome browser when I want

Hey there @lancemcdoogal @Marion_Gib , the New York Times app and any website (including on Safari) should be blocked.
Can you please follow the instructions here?

@lancemcdoogal , I see you just updated to the new Opal (congrats!), one of the major differences is that we now use Apple Screen Time API which is a lot more reliable, one of the down sides is that you now have to explicitly select websites you want to block - for example, newyorktimes.com, from the list. You only need to do this set up once though! Instructions are in the link above.

Hi Kenneth, my nytimes still works with the whitelist feature even though I haven’t added it to the list of allowed apps.

Thanks @Marion_Gib ! Can you try step Step 1: Review “Always Allowed” Apps here Opal FAQ | What Is Whitelist? ?