Opal Crashes When Using

When it doesn’t crash Opal is great!

But lately it simply crashes. Sometimes I’m lucky and if I press ten times on “Block” and another twenty times on “Start Session “ it actually works.

But mostly it just crashes — and I can’t report it on the app itself, because it’s either frozen or (you guessed it!) it crashes.

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This is so frustrating !

I will ask for a refund—but that’s not what I want. I want the damned app to not crash!

This same thing has happened to me recently otherwise it has been great. This has not happened since I have downloaded but recently it is either really slow or unresponsive. This needs to be fixed soon or many, including myself, will consider deleting.

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Yes—what is the point of investing in a great design for a great concept when you can’t fix memory overflow errors ( or whatever this error is)

Invest in your developers too Opal—not just in designers!

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Hi @Flaviu_Iepure @RS-Opal , first, my apologies for the issue you’ve run into. A critical bug got inserted in v3.48 that affected some customers and lead to the app crashing. How to fix: update your app now, you should have also received a push notification if you have those enabled and a in-app message on app open prompting you to update the app. Please let me know if this doesn’t fix your issue.

I want to address the issue of bugs and our efforts there. I agree with you: bug fixing and reliability should come first, ahead of new features and enhancements.

We take the issue we experienced with v.3.48 very seriously, as it doesn’t meet the standards we set for ourselves. We have an engineering team of 3 lead by @matt @alec @lilpit , and believe me - they put in a hug amount of work to ensure reliability. The nature of Screen Time API makes debugging and QA testing challenging because the API responds differently across different devices, OS, and depending on other factors like API access to other apps and other native settings. We try, but we usually aren’t able to cover all scenarios in QA testing.

That being said, the specific issue we had here with 3.48 should have been flagged much faster (it took us 6 days to flag the issue and start working on a fix, which we did and published on the store in 2 days). We reviewed this process and should now be able to flag issues faster to start working on a fix.

PS: the great news is also that we are hiring for a 4th Senior iOS Engineer to join our team. There are a ton of exciting challenges ahead for our team, as we help millions of people focus better every day. Please shout if you know or can recommend anyone.

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Thank you for the detailed response!

Yes, it works now.

I made the comment about investing in development because I found out about Opal from a Twitter praise for your advertising—after which I had the app stop working. So I really hoped that it is not just a marketing + outsourced programming kind of company.

You have a good product (helps me be more productive!) , I hope your market size is big enough to make you sustainable.