Opal Deep Focus extension to disable adjustments during down periods


I am Hermann Stern, a student from Switzerland who’s been using Opal for about a month now.

I regularly use session and app limit functionalities but find myself extending the app limits when I get the notification that I only have one minute left. I know that I should work on my self-control but some social media apps are so addictive that it is simply too hard to stop.

That’s why I am suggesting a feature for app limits where you could in addition to the deep focus difficulty choose that you can’t change the time limit for the next however many days.

Thank you!

Hey Hermann,

Happy to help and thanks for the suggestion. We haven’t considered adding an additional safety measure for the feature in this way; I’ll pass this along to our engineers to consider as we continue to upgrade the app and its features. Stay tuned!

All the best,
Sarah @ Opal