Opal for Connected TV / amazon fire app

Are there any plans to make the app accessible on a smart tv?

With current Opal app, it’s using Apple’s Screen Time API. So likely not.

Although I am not sure why would it be helpful on smart TV

Thanks so much for sharing this. I moved it to its dedicated topic because this is interesting. It would really help us to understand from anyone who is interested in this a few things:

  • How do you imagine Opal working on a TV?
  • Which would be the main value you get out of it?
  • Is the primary value for you, your family, or other?
  • Have you tried any other solution to solve this problem?

Thank you!

Thanks for putting this in the correct place Kenneth.

I’ve been able to moderate the time I spend on mindless apps on my phone but some of that extra time has spilled over into mindless activity on my smart tv watching the same apps (mainly YouTube). I have a Samsung smart tv with a homepage that lets me choose the app I want to watch whether it’s Hulu, Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, etc. It would be awesome if opal was also accessible on my homepage and I could configure the time I spend on smart tv apps. If the apps on my tv are were greyed out like they are on my phone during a focus session - it would remind me that I’m reflexively doing the same thing as doom scrolling except it’s on my tv instead of my smartphone and I could then choose moderation in that moment.

Also, I haven’t tried any other solution for this since I’m not aware of anything like this being available

i love opal on my phone and computer. what if opal was on my amazon fire app and could help me limit my tv time, apps(netflix, youtube etc.)
That would really help me :upside_down_face: