Opal for Connected TV

Are there any plans to make the app accessible on a smart tv?

With current Opal app, it’s using Apple’s Screen Time API. So likely not.

Although I am not sure why would it be helpful on smart TV

Thanks so much for sharing this. I moved it to its dedicated topic because this is interesting. It would really help us to understand from anyone who is interested in this a few things:

  • How do you imagine Opal working on a TV?
  • Which would be the main value you get out of it?
  • Is the primary value for you, your family, or other?
  • Have you tried any other solution to solve this problem?

Thank you!

Thanks for putting this in the correct place Kenneth.

I’ve been able to moderate the time I spend on mindless apps on my phone but some of that extra time has spilled over into mindless activity on my smart tv watching the same apps (mainly YouTube). I have a Samsung smart tv with a homepage that lets me choose the app I want to watch whether it’s Hulu, Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, etc. It would be awesome if opal was also accessible on my homepage and I could configure the time I spend on smart tv apps. If the apps on my tv are were greyed out like they are on my phone during a focus session - it would remind me that I’m reflexively doing the same thing as doom scrolling except it’s on my tv instead of my smartphone and I could then choose moderation in that moment.

Also, I haven’t tried any other solution for this since I’m not aware of anything like this being available