Opal is a mess. Something needs to change

Update after update makes opal worse. I am most recently getting restricted mode on YouTube which I have narrowed down to opal. Private browsing is totally broken even though I have no filters for it.

As someone who is a director at a firm who implements dev ops at fortune 10, all these issues are symptomatic of a broken pipeline. Opal needs more channels eg early adopters, beta, prod. In addition, it needs to rethink its testing strategy (cause there is clearly no regression testing going on). In addition, it needs to poll its users on functionality changes beforehand as I’ve never seen a company miss the mark on so many updates.

There hasn’t been a single app I’ve been this frustrated over. Ever.


Hi there, thank you for caring enough to share this message, really. Our team is paying attention to your message.

Re: private browsing, THANK YOU for sharing the logs via the app (in the Contact Us). I know we already answered there but resharing for the benefit of others who may experience this issue:

To be completely transparent, we are working within Apple’s limitation and the Screentime API and they have given us a great number of issues. We have many tickets open with them reporting bugs and issues and we are doing all we can to resolve them quickly, many of them have been improved by Apple since we launched. We are also hoping for major changes at WWDC in a couple of months. If you would like to see improvements happen quicker it would help us if you could report these issues to Apple:

Regarding the private browsing issue, for the time being, force quitting Safari could work: Close an app on your iPhone or iPod touch - Apple Support

Regarding Youtube, you can go to the Apps Blocked screen, and make sure you don’t have any of the following domains selected:
google.com → it can shield apps associated with Google, like Youtube

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Sorry I just saw this before staring another thread. So is it confirmed the API always blocks it? Because I’m trying Refocus now and it works fine.