Opal is still blocking my apps after being uninstalled

After unninstalling opal in IOS, i notice that some of my entertainment apps are opening and crashing during loading. I’ve seen people complaining that opal was controlling screentime even after deleted

I tried a reccomended fix found in the FAQ for hard resetting those settings, but when i reinstall opal, I can’t make the app connect to my screentime again and i’m stuck here.

Help, please

Hey there,

Happy to help and sorry for the issue! Can you please email hi@opal.so with any screenshots or videos of this issue so we can get this sorted for you?

All the best,
Sarah @ Opal

After I installed and uninstalled, Opal still had my iPhone hijacked and unusable. That’s because we gave an external website permissions to access our screen when it was installed.

On iPhone, go to Settings > Screen Time, uncheck the section that says “Apps with screen time access.” Uncheck “com.withopal.opal”