Opal Needs Improvement

Hello Everyone,

I have recently been using Opal App for the past few weeks (btw I am a pro subscriber). It is great, beautifully designed and functional. I love the vision of gamifying productivity and community feeling.
I own Mac, iPad , iPhone, Android Phone & a Windows PC for my Work and my Personal Needs (I know that is a lot😉). However I have also used other distraction blocker apps also (such as Freedom,One Sec) and here are my thoughts on Opal.

  1. Cross Platform Availability is a must: At the moment the app is only available in iOS, and in Web Extensions We need a Mac App (A MUST as it is where most of work gets done) and Windows App to block the distractions when working. Btw I know a Mac app is under development,here are a few suggestions
  • We need MacOS Sonoma Widget Support
  • Focus Modes Integration on Mac’s system settings
  • Sync with Mac Screen time in system settings
  1. Native iPad App: I tried downloading Opal for iPad, but it is not yet Available for the platform yet, So a much more refined and a native iPad app would be highly appreciated List item

  2. Ability to sync App Groups across Different Devices & Platforms: At the moment you have to Manually Create app Groups for each Devices, and there is no way to Sync my Website Blocklist on iOS with my Safari/Crome Browser Extension

  3. Ability to add Custom Websites to App Groups beyond predetermined App Lists & Website list

  4. Unified Screen Time Report across all Devices and Platforms

  5. Better iOS Widget Support: When we run a Opal via Focus mode the iOS Widget does not show the real time screen report

  6. Two directional Focus Mode Sync: We need 2 directional Sync for Opal app groups when linked to a focus mode (maybe a setting in opal app to sync app groups to focus Modes???)

  7. Dedicated Web Dashboard: A Unified Web Dashboard is also a must to get a birds eye view of blocklists, Screen time report etc

  8. Pomodora Timer Presets: A Presets for Web Browser Extension to use pomodora technique would be appreciated, Maybe in the future bring it to iOS and other platforms as well

  9. Performance Tuning for iOS: For Some Reason When Opal Runs for a Long time My iPhone Gets Extremely Hot (after an Hour or So) This needs to be addressed as at the current state it is not reliable to run overnight sessions (at least for me)

That is all for now, Let me know if I am missing anything.

Kudos to developers and designers for doing a great Job on the app, Keep going🚀

(A New Gem)