Opal needs to be open for timer between breaks? (FIXED)

I’m on the latest iOS on a 12 Pro Max and using the Trial version. Seeing the posts in the forums I’m not totally convinced at purchasing plus I already noticed this issue.

I’m using the Medium session setting (although I believe this occurred in Normal as well) and the countdown timer until the next break requires Opal to be open. Is this the intention? I figured the feature was to break up breaks, not also force Opal to be open. Sometimes the timer will countdown a little bit if I minimize the app, but never more than 10 seconds, and sometimes it totally resets.

I should add that Opal offers an immense opportunity to be a near-perfect productivity app but there’s work to do!

I’d designed to do that and to force you to have the stop open. To make you think. Do you really want to take a break, and they timer gets longer and longer depending on your settings, again to make you think, do I want to wait 25 seconds to do this thing or just get back to work?

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Exactly it makes you consider whether you want to do it or not and if you do decide to take a break it’s rewarding

We fixed this based on your feedback. Thank you,