Opal not blocking adult websites, private browsing not blocked

Hey everyone, I’ve been using Opal for a couple weeks and I love the app so far. I ran into an interesting issue, though.

I downloaded the app and started the free trial. Everything worked perfect and I had no issues at all with it. After the trial ended, I bought a year subscription and it created a new account for me. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, logging into my new account.

Things work as usual, but for some reason the Adult Blocking switch doesn’t work anymore. It ‘turns on’ in the app, but it doesn’t affect my browser at all. I can open private browsing and access websites that I shouldn’t be able to. This is the main reason that I bought the subscription. I hope I can receive some help to fix my issue.

Hey, I’d like to know if there was anybody else was facing this problem.