Opal on Built for Change podcast by Accenture

I was invited to speak on this week’s episode of Built for Change by Accenture.

“Error 429: Human Request Limit Reached” (great title). We’re excited to see business leaders pay attention to the issue we’re working on at Opal.

Listen here

"With the rapid acceleration of innovation, many people are feeling that technology is happening to them rather than for them. In fact, according to Accenture research, 41% of frequent tech users say that technology has complicated their lives just as much as it has simplified it.

Because of this, businesses should not hide from the oncoming tide of people seeking control over their relationship with technology. The best approach for many organizations is to become part of the solution.

In this episode, our guests will be Joe Hollier, Co-Founder of Light (creators of the Light Phone) - so great to reconnect! ; Katie Burke, Global Thought Leadership Lead for Accenture Song; and Kenneth Schlenker, Founder and C.E.O. of Opal."