Opal vs Jomo, what’s the difference in features?

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Long story-short,
I’m just wondering what the difference between Opal and Jomo is? Both have a few features that the others don’t but I’d like to know a full-table comparison kind of thing. The difference is that Jomo is 1/3 of Opal’s price (Pro). But I really am focusing on the features.

Hey there,
thank you for your message. I’m Kenneth, founder of Opal. I want to take a bit longer to answer your question to give some context

About other Screen Time apps: the short story is I think it’s great that other apps like Jomo are available and building solutions for people to better manage their screen time. We live in a world with 5 billion smartphone owners. We’re fighting armies of thousands of engineers building addictive attention economy products. So I consider other apps working on screen time to be part of our team fighting for the same cause.

About price: I think it’s perfectly fine if you prefer to use another cheaper product than Opal. I understand and respect that. The way we set the price of Opal is completely independent of competition. We are focused on building a sustainable long-term business. Because we want to keep working on our mission for the next 10 years. And we want to put all our effort towards helping people focus all around the world. By subscribing to Opal, you are helping us build a sustainable business and you are helping us increase our impact with millions of people all around the world. Thank you.

About features you love: If there are specific features that you love from other apps like Jomo and that you would like to see in Opal, this forum is a great place to share them so other people in the community can upvote or comment on them and we can then work on adding them to the Opal product.

I hope this helps! And I really wish for you to be able to develop healthier screen time habits, focus better and accomplish many of your dreams.

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