Opal's screen time is DIFFERENT than iOS screen time :(

Hey Developers, I noticed that the screen time reported by the iOS Settings app and Opal is completely different.

Below are the images of both:

PS: I am using iPhone 14 Plus (the latest stable iOS Version installed) and Opal is updated to the latest version.

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CC: The screentime is inaccurate

Hey there,

Happy to help. To clarify, how Apple and Opal report your screen time will differ for a few reasons. Here are some resources we’d recommend checking out:

The important thing to note in the second link is that if you set apps as “Neutral” they won’t count in your screen time calculation displayed in your Profile and shared with Friends or the Leaderboard.

I hope that helps,
Sarah @ Opal

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Oh, great!

Sarah, here’s my suggestion: New users may not know about this at first glance. So, it’d be amazing if you (or the respective person) could create a FAQ related to this on the FAQs page.

This will help the newbies to get more clarity on Focus Score, Screen time differences, and so on.

Thanks for responding :slight_smile:


Opal’s screentime isn’t the same as iPhone’s screentime numbers, Opal says i’m saving so much and bla bla, giving me average screentime for somedays 1 hour
while checking my actual screentime it was 7 hours
I mean the app is very good I love it but its just the incorrect data things

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I too noticed this bug/issue.


Guys, this is NOT a bug/issue. I recommend you to read the articles below my message :slight_smile: for clarification.

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Time difference reported by Opal and screentime of Iphone!!
The article doesn’t explain anything and this is quote weird that why the error is so huge. Time showed by Opal is 2 hours lesser than the screen time…
What’s the purpose of this app?
To attract users, get subscription and show wrong data?? I was impressed by app and about to buy yearly plan and then I noticed this issue