"Other" category websites aren’t loading. Please help

Hi, I have a bug that I keep encountering despite me restarting the app and my phone.

When I select new apps to create a focus session with (Apps Blocked → App Groups → Add → Blocklist → Other) and select “Other” apps, it completely bugs and clears my screen. However if I select the circle option on “Other” it comes up with 300+ options. So I am thinking it is a problem with having too many “Other”options (such as websites). How do I solve this issue.

This is stopping me from using the app because Pinterest is included on the Other apps. But also why isn’t it working and how do I fix this?

Thank you.

Hi there! thank you for sharing. This is bug we’ve shared with Apple and the good news is it will be solved in the next iOS software update. The bad news is that this update will come likely not for a few months.

In the meantime - when this happens, if you force close the Opal app and open it again, does it go away?