Overlap / Multiple sessions running at the same time [Now Works with App Limits and Sessions]

From customer support

Love the app. Feature ideas:

  • set time limits on how much time I can spend on a specific app within a day
  • during a session, a time limit on the amount of breaks I can take
  • allow multiple sessions to happen at the same time

From customer support

Multiple blocking sessions at once?

Hello, I hope you are doing well! I was wondering if it is possible to have multiple blocking sessions occurring at once? I would like to have one always running that gives me absolutely no access to some apps 24/7 (adult sites, TikTok, and Reddit), and another session that blocks distracting apps from the morning until I get home from school. Is this possible?

From customer support

I was playing with sessions while I was trying to discover the app and I wanted to have 2 sessions that run at the same time.
I created an allow list that runs from 5am to 6pm to do actual work and a block list that runs all the time for something else. And unfortunately I set that one as a deep focus session so I can’t edit it or delete it. So the first one is basically not active because of the second one.

From customer support

Can I have 2 sessions active at the same time?

From customer support

I think it’s an awesome app. Love the deep focus ability. Would appreciate a few updates

  • pomodoro timer that counts how many sessions ive done
  • be able to run multiple sessions at once

From Customer Support

Hi there - I set up multiple “sessions”, some that are due to overlap, but only one is active and I can still access some of the apps I had hoped to block. Can users have more than one limit or session going at a time?

I would prefer to have the ability to have more than one session. As they don’t work the same.

I.e. I’d like to have some apps “always on” and only take breaks for them when needed, rather than having them blocked for cooldown.

I’d love to be able to have more than one session at a time. i.e. There’s some apps that I would like to have “always on”, and then be able to have other sessions with more apps other times throughout the day.

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Also would like to request running multiple sessions at once.

Or - to be able to add apps to a Deep Focus session while in progress.



Adding this here from another post

Being able to have multiple, overlapping sessions is key to the use case of opal. I block certain apps at certain times but then want to go into a deep work session and shut down additional apps (overlapping time) for focus.

Cold Turkey is the gold standard for mac and what opal should replicate for ios.